One of the biggest days of a person life is their wedding day. Even if the wedding is kept low key it is important to have a wedding day checklist of things. Although weddings are fun and exciting, it can be really stressful for the bride, the groom and the family members of both parties. The wedding planning may be completed but the work is never over till the end of the wedding day. When the wedding day is nearing, there are many things a bride needs to consider and recheck the wedding checklist. When it is a crunch time, say only a week left before the big day, there are things the bride must address and keep tab on.

Below are few essential wedding checklist items as a bride, you may need to check and do before your big special day.

• Check and re-confirm your wedding day beauty appointments with your hairdresser in Seddon.

It is best to discuss with your hairdresser ahead the make up and hair for your wedding, so that you might be able to have trial with your beautician. Also if you are planning to get a manicure and pedicure before your wedding, it is best to do it two days ahead of your big day, so that their won’t be any accidental chips.

• Check and do a last minute fitting in the store before you collect your bridal dress. Doing a last fitting will allow you to see if you need any last minute alteration to be done.

• Buy your wedding shoes ahead, so that you are able to practice walking and dancing wearing them.

• Any guests who have missed RSVP’ing needs to be called and confirmed so that you are able to have the final headcount for your caterer and venue.

• Any final payments and cash tips need to be placed into separate envelopes, which need to be given to each vendor after the wedding day. These cash envelopes should be given to a person you trust so that they can help you distribute it to the vendors correctly on your wedding day.

• It is important to re-confirm every last details with all your vendors especially the date, location and time. Also, it is significant you give them a contact detail of a person, your family member or friend that they can call and check if they need any last minute information.

• It is essential to check with your photographer if he has your shot list and your wedding DJ or band has the song list you requested.