It is said that, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”; although it may have seemed appropriate in the recent past, nowadays girls search for a reliable ally in the makeup they use. The ultimate goal of makeup is to beautify you into an enchanting lady. Not only that, but also to correct certain problematic areas in your face and other prominent areas which cannot be corrected by other means. It is also considered as a symbol of professionalism, for a woman dedicates a time portion from her busy daily schedule to make sure that she looks presentable.

Select the right shade of foundation

While you may prefer to select one shade of foundation to match your skin tone, some prefer to blend two colours and create a custom shade that would complement your facial features even more. Blending of the two colours is usually done by picking shades one slightly lighter and the other a bit darker than your skin colour. Most women are at dilemma when purchasing their MAC Powder or Chanel compact powder; you are most likely to end up with the wrong shade of compact powder if you do not match it with your complexion. For instance, warm colour skinned individuals are advised to choose espresso type shades while ones who are fair skinned should turn to soft pink and beige tones.

Choice of lipstick varies according cities and countries

Should you go for a matte lippie or a lip gloss? A common situation faced by most ladies. However, the type and shade of lipstick is likely to vary according to the geographical situation of your country. Recent surveys have proven that when women buy makeup online in Australia or when they visit cosmetic stores, it is more likely that the selected shade tends to depend on which country or city you are from. As an example, people from New York City seem to be drawn to blood red colours while posh London citizens limit their choices to nude shades.

Sharpen your gaze with eyeliner

Eyeliner has always been one of the most important cosmetic products that intensify the shape and outlook of your eyes. It adds glamour and beauty to your overall presentation. Application of liner in a way that suits your eye shape is vital. When you buy makeup online it’d also be very useful to refer to an eyeliner applying tutorial which could freely be found by simply searching on YouTube. They will guide you through on how to use liquid and pencil eyeliner and which method of application suits best for your eye shape.

Blend them all together

Every lady wants to look pretty! It is no doubt that you long to look beautiful in the eyes of your friends, family and even strangers. The use of makeup is a common practise in the modern day while most young, middle aged and old ladies alike carry a small cosmetic bag in their hand bags.

Therefore, it is important that you know how to apply them in ways which suits you the best in terms of skin tone, shape and geographic preference.