One of the regular beauty routine in every woman is hair removal. Hair removal is done to part of their face and body. There are various ways in removing hair from the different parts of your body and face. Every woman wants a smooth skin free of hair on their face and body.

There are different types of ways you can choose to make your skin smooth and free of unwanted hair. From tweezing, threading, shaving, waxing, using a hair removal machine to permanent hair removal. Tweezing is usually done for small patch of hair in face or body. Tweezing is induvial pairs are pulled out by the root with a tweezer. Shaving of hair is done with a razor or electric shaver.

This method allows you to cut down the hair that is very close to the skin. Shaving can be used in any part of the body or face. However many people complain shaving sometimes make the new hair grown rougher or coarser. Which many dermatologists says that it is untrue, it’s just that the tip of unshaven hair is soft and tapered and once the soft tip its cut out that’s what makes it feel coarser. But shaving needs to be done at least once in three days because shaving cuts down the hair but does not stop the growth from the root. So hair continues to grow.

Waxing is another form of hair removal method. It is usually done with sticky wax spread around the skin area where the hair grows. Then with a cloth strip it pressed and covered. Once the wax is dried on to the cloth, the strip is pulled off quickly, removing the hair with them. This method of hair removal also can be done anywhere on the body or face. Tweezing and waxing makes the hair growth slower.

Permanent hair removal is also a way in which hair can be removed permanently. This method is done through a medical procedure using laser. Laser hair removal method removes unwanted hair permanently from the face or body.

Laser hair removal treatment removes hair even the dark coarse hair. Laser hair removal treatment does not damage the skin. The laser beam passes through the skin to the individual hair follicle; intense heat of the laser damages the hair follicle which prevents future hair growth. An Important thing to remember, when doing laser hair removal is to always check if the doctor or specialist doing the laser procedure is a trained, experience professional with good credential before you decide to do this treatment.