Some people may like traditional spa treatments like the Swedish massage and sauna baths. Some treatment centers offer clients unusual treatment like crystals and light to help with harmony and balance. Most spas offer sessions that help reduce stress and help clients relax. If you are considering an interesting experience look for treatments that are out of the box:

Thermal pools
Thermal pools or baths are great as they are hot bodies of water which contain healing elements for the body. Most springs are great to relax in and if you are looking for one head down to Tuscany which offers tourists and spa enthusiasts wellness treatments in the countryside. There are many thermal pools for you to consider when you get there. There are around 80 rooms with many indoor and outdoor pools. You can buy day passes too if you are simply visiting. You can try order some thermal water to drink for a price too!

Interesting fish spas
Fish spas are great and they have grown rapidly over a period of 10 years especially in Thailand and Japan. The treatment starts off by putting your feet into a tub which is full of tiny doctor fish that nibble at the dead skin and make your feet smooth as possible. If you are ready to take the plunge and try this out head over to a spa at Cancun which offers many day spa packages at an affordable price. In some parts of the world these spas are banned as they are known for spreading infection. Be careful about the spas you choose!

Mud baths
A mud bath is a combination of water from a hot spring and volcanic ash. These mud baths have been used in many treatments around the world to reduce muscle swelling and minimize on psoriasis. Some of the most famous baths are close to the Dead Sea. You can try a mudding experience by soaking in a tub filled with mud and mineral water. After the soak is over you can lie down on the vibrating chair! Generally, a 60 minute session will cost you around $110.

A Mayan steam bath
This is no ordinary steam bath as it involves a temazcal. A temazcal is used for spiritual purposes and is used in many hotels too. It works by pouring water and herbs over the stones to allow the steam to build up inside the hut. It ends with a cleansing ritual near one of the 13 statues. If you considering day spa packages find a place which will offer a Mayan steam bath. Look for one on the net and on Pin Interest too!

Remember to consider interesting spa treatments if you have the money to spend!