Make A Change To Be Your Own Beautician

October 6th, 2016 by

World has become a market that has a price tag in almost everything that is available. Living in such a society is extremely expensive and hectic in a way. For this reason people have self-developed many tools and talents that can be done by their own selves. For an example if we take bakery, there are so many people who buy the products for cheap prices and do the baking by them following an online tutorial. This has become a very common technique and many people rely on self-work than spending so much for purchasing such products from outside. More over when you can do something or create a product by yourself the value of it becomes worthier than buying it from outside as your effort and happiness cannot be given a price.

Another option that you can easily do by yourself is keeping yourself pretty and healthy. Many of the ladies go to saloons and spas to keep up and maintain their faces and bodies. One of the most famous treatments is the microdermabrasion facial which can be done by you at home. You may need to buy the products from a reliable place and it sure will effect as same as the treatment that you get from a saloon by paying a little more. These are not just applied for face treatments. You can get your hairstyle, makeup, manicure and pedicure by yourself with the help of an online tutorial which could be easily found.

Moreover waxing and methods for reliable skin peel are also available online. Any girl or a woman would like to follow these beauty tips. The only reason that would stop them is the amount that they have to pay to get them done. Therefore make a change and be your own beautician. Follow expert ideas to get your hair colored by a healthy product which does not contain side effects. Search for products that make your skin glow and make your own home remedy for oily, damaged and tanned skin. These are not big deals if you could put some time and effort for them.

As women, it is a must to stay clean and pretty. Every one of us, both men and women have their own beauty inside and outside. These natural herbs and products help to maintain and keep up the good looks. Therefore why spending so much for saloons and spas if you could do them by yourself at home?

Make yourself look better by your precious effort.

Tips for a Daily Cosmetic User

June 30th, 2016 by


It is said that, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”; although it may have seemed appropriate in the recent past, nowadays girls search for a reliable ally in the makeup they use. The ultimate goal of makeup is to beautify you into an enchanting lady. Not only that, but also to correct certain problematic areas in your face and other prominent areas which cannot be corrected by other means. It is also considered as a symbol of professionalism, for a woman dedicates a time portion from her busy daily schedule to make sure that she looks presentable.

Select the right shade of foundation

While you may prefer to select one shade of foundation to match your skin tone, some prefer to blend two colours and create a custom shade that would complement your facial features even more. Blending of the two colours is usually done by picking shades one slightly lighter and the other a bit darker than your skin colour. Most women are at dilemma when purchasing their MAC Powder or Chanel compact powder; you are most likely to end up with the wrong shade of compact powder if you do not match it with your complexion. For instance, warm colour skinned individuals are advised to choose espresso type shades while ones who are fair skinned should turn to soft pink and beige tones.

Choice of lipstick varies according cities and countries

Should you go for a matte lippie or a lip gloss? A common situation faced by most ladies. However, the type and shade of lipstick is likely to vary according to the geographical situation of your country. Recent surveys have proven that when women buy makeup online in Australia or when they visit cosmetic stores, it is more likely that the selected shade tends to depend on which country or city you are from. As an example, people from New York City seem to be drawn to blood red colours while posh London citizens limit their choices to nude shades.

Sharpen your gaze with eyeliner

Eyeliner has always been one of the most important cosmetic products that intensify the shape and outlook of your eyes. It adds glamour and beauty to your overall presentation. Application of liner in a way that suits your eye shape is vital. When you buy makeup online it’d also be very useful to refer to an eyeliner applying tutorial which could freely be found by simply searching on YouTube. They will guide you through on how to use liquid and pencil eyeliner and which method of application suits best for your eye shape.

Blend them all together

Every lady wants to look pretty! It is no doubt that you long to look beautiful in the eyes of your friends, family and even strangers. The use of makeup is a common practise in the modern day while most young, middle aged and old ladies alike carry a small cosmetic bag in their hand bags.

Therefore, it is important that you know how to apply them in ways which suits you the best in terms of skin tone, shape and geographic preference.

Wedding Checklist: What A Bride Needs to Remember

February 5th, 2016 by


One of the biggest days of a person life is their wedding day. Even if the wedding is kept low key it is important to have a wedding day checklist of things. Although weddings are fun and exciting, it can be really stressful for the bride, the groom and the family members of both parties. The wedding planning may be completed but the work is never over till the end of the wedding day. When the wedding day is nearing, there are many things a bride needs to consider and recheck the wedding checklist. When it is a crunch time, say only a week left before the big day, there are things the bride must address and keep tab on.

Below are few essential wedding checklist items as a bride, you may need to check and do before your big special day.

• Check and re-confirm your wedding day beauty appointments with your hairdresser in Seddon.

It is best to discuss with your hairdresser ahead the make up and hair for your wedding, so that you might be able to have trial with your beautician. Also if you are planning to get a manicure and pedicure before your wedding, it is best to do it two days ahead of your big day, so that their won’t be any accidental chips.

• Check and do a last minute fitting in the store before you collect your bridal dress. Doing a last fitting will allow you to see if you need any last minute alteration to be done.

• Buy your wedding shoes ahead, so that you are able to practice walking and dancing wearing them.

• Any guests who have missed RSVP’ing needs to be called and confirmed so that you are able to have the final headcount for your caterer and venue.

• Any final payments and cash tips need to be placed into separate envelopes, which need to be given to each vendor after the wedding day. These cash envelopes should be given to a person you trust so that they can help you distribute it to the vendors correctly on your wedding day.

• It is important to re-confirm every last details with all your vendors especially the date, location and time. Also, it is significant you give them a contact detail of a person, your family member or friend that they can call and check if they need any last minute information.

• It is essential to check with your photographer if he has your shot list and your wedding DJ or band has the song list you requested.

Hair Styles Made Easy For You

February 3rd, 2016 by

Women all around the world love to look beautiful. Actually, beauty is attached to women. They love to look attractive and gorgeous and for that they can go to any length.

Purchasing most excellent quality artificial hair integrations is very confusing and difficult. Buying wrong kind of weft hair extensions can be a fatal mistake. Proper judgment should be made before buying treated hair.

Weft hair extensions are very much in fashion nowadays. Women all around the world use them to look stylish and beautiful.Long beautiful hair of women attracts men, and females know this weak point of men pretty well. Women who do not have attractive hair try to enhance the quality and texture of their hair by purchasing hair extensions. Long hair increases the look and attractiveness of women. They look like real celebrities or models. 

Hair additions are made from real hair of women. The superior the quality of the hair, the costlier the extensions are. These additional hairs could easily be attached to the scalp. That means, women can easily wear them properly on their head without any inconvenience. Once it gets properly attached on the scalp, it looks like natural hair as it does not fall from the scalp.Women can do their work smoothly without bothering much about the additional hair which they are wearing. They can wear these hairs for parties and for various occasions. The additional hair comes in various styles and designs. You can use these hairs for styling purpose too. You do not have to visit hair parlor for a hair-do. 

As these false hairs are made from real human hair, that’s why it does not cause harm to the natural hair of the females. They generally do not cause any sort of allergy reactions. But if the additional hair is made from synthetic hair, then you might feel itching sensations on your scalp. Also it does not look real and people can distinguish it from your real hair. The additional hairs enhance the beauty and gorgeousness of the woman and make her look stunning. This is the reason why such hairs are so much in vogue.

These hairs are very smooth and silky and its maintenance is not difficult. They can be easily cleaned and conditioned after every use. No hair oil should be used on them. These are made from natural hair of women from various racial groups. They are available in all sizes and in various styles and designs. You buy the ones which suits your personality.

Be careful in purchasing these hairs as many shops sell duplicate hair extensions. There are some synthetic hairs which look exactly like natural hairs. The natural hairs last longer than the duplicate ones.

The Different Aspects Of Beauty Therapy

January 13th, 2016 by

When we talk about beauty therapy it is usually to signify different kinds of an effective beauty treatments. There can be different kinds of care routines like hair styling, nail care, skin care or cosmetics in beauty care regime. Many people are trained in providing different kinds of beauty therapy which include treatments for beautification of the face or the body. The treatments vary as per the part of the body which is being targeted.

How to undergo beauty treatment education?

Those who take on the careers of beauty therapists are usually known as beauticians and estheticians. They usually enroll in an educational institute or a college. The courses usually comprise of understanding the different aspects of the human anatomy as well as physiology which include treatments like facials, makeup, waxing, nail care, eye treatments and others like best hair extensions in Melbourne.

Facial treatments

These comprise the major part of the beauty treatments that are undergone by people. For that reason, there are different kinds of facial treatments that are available today. Facial skin care comprises of cleansing and steaming followed by exfoliation and application of masks as well as beauty facial massage. There are therapeutic treatments offered as well like reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. Most people approach a beauty clinic for overall beauty treatments like best hair extensions.

Skin treatments

Many beauty therapies are targeted to help solve several skin problems. For instance, the texture and appearance of the skin can be improved in different ways. There could be cosmetic blemishes that can be removed by the application of dermatology creams and lotions. Again, as per the skin condition, sensitive, dry and oily one can recommend different kinds of treatments when experienced and trained to be a beauty therapist.

Different specializations in beauty therapy

Make up is a prominent part of beauty therapy and treatments. Makeup application techniques are taught in cosmetic clinics and institutes where beauticians are trained. There can be different kinds of skin problems that can be addressed through specialized treatments. There can be beautification done through techniques like electrolysis, collagen replacement and Botox. Professionals who can provide these treatments usually are licensed medical practitioners and have the right credentials. While you can approach a salon for normal beauty treatments like hair or skin, if you have any dermatology problem you might want to approach a specialized clinic. Here dermatology experts are seated and they provide advice on the right treatment for the problem that one faces. If you are looking for specialized clinics in your area, it would be wise to look them up online and understand the advantages they offer as well as the reputation and reliability of the treatments they offer.

4 Mistakes To Avoid In Waxing To Get The Best Results

December 15th, 2015 by

Getting a clean, smooth and supple skin is always one of the most common demands of a woman. They undergo different procedures to get rid of unwanted hair on their skin surface. We must mention that the procedures are too much painful often and consume a large amount of time.

As they are done under observation of efficient professionals, the chances of further harmful effects are less. But women think of budget mostly when it comes to the hair removing matters and take up the process at home. And then in many cases they opt for waxing rash treatment to get rid of rashes that occur because of adverse effects of waxing.

In course of their action, it is so very much natural to commit some mistakes due to their inexperienced hands. So, it is better to know about the mistakes and try to sidestep them. We have listed up some of the blunders to help you in the process. Have a look.

1. Shaving your skin: Reckless shaving will increase the chances of waxing rash treatment. Regular shaving can make your skin surface rough and you may have rashes too. Smooth skin can become a stiff one too with continuous shaving. If you are fond of shaving, then trust the best quality razors and moisturize your skin afterwards. Make sure that the skin is not left dried up and stay hydrated.

2. Going for excessive heat: If you wax is just too hot, this will burn your skin. Is it acceptable that you end up getting a burnt skin after the waxing? Definitely, you will not like to have it. So, start with minimal temperature and keep it optimum for your skin.
3. Wrong techniques: Before you take up the decision of waxing at home, you should know about the techniques first. If you start choosing the worst products, this will become the reason of your investment on remedies. Tweezing, waxing strips, hair removal creams or something else – choose the correct technique and then proceed further. Whatever products you are using, they should be of good quality.

4. No idea of suitability: Which product will suit your skin type? Do you know this? If yes, then choosing the product is not a problem. But, for those, who have no idea regarding the suitability of their skin, choosing hair removing products is a big headache. In such case, you can rely upon the previously used products or go for the suggestions of skin experts. They will examine your skin type and let you know the best products.

Measures To Treat Spider Veins

December 1st, 2015 by

Spider veins are painful and you should take some measures to treat them well. Here are six of them. Have a look.

1. Have a frank conversation with your doctor: If you are going for the process of microdermabrasion clinic, it is important to have a frank conversation with the doctor. You should maintain excellent relationship with the professional. Have a complete knowledge about the previous conditions and the latter ones first and then go for the treatment. You have to maintain the dos and don’ts properly in order to get back into natural state soon. Don’t believe only on reference while choosing the physician. Do a research about the doctor you are hiring and if required, contact the previous patients.

2. Pain is natural: If someone or any source says that there will be no pain in your process of vein removal, it is just too wrong. You have to face health hazards due to the surgical process and pain will be there. So, do not get it wrong that you will have no pain.

3. Know about the price: How much amount you have to pay for the process, know about it first and keep comparing with other best professionals. Do not compromise with the quality of treatment for a stupid cost cutting idea. The doctor and the treatment should be the best. Choose the best as well as the latest way to get rid of your vein problems.

4. Take up a consultation: Whether you believe or not, you need consultation. The doctor you are going to hire for the treatment, have consultation beforehand. If the process of surgery can be postponed with medicines and precautions, you are lucky enough. Just make sure that you are ready to maintain the process. Your ignorance can bring in different problems. You must have proper health condition for undergoing such a surgery.

5. Appointments after surgery: Post surgical treatments are just too necessary and if you fail to continue the measure after the procedure, you will encounter different health issues. Even if it turns out to be a septic or any other infection, you may have to face a surgery again. The spider veins are too dangerous to relapse if not treated properly.

6. Correct method: The correct method of treatment is to be selected properly. People often commit mistake in this phase by choosing the less effective process, like Endovenous Laser Ablation. But you should not take any risk and choose the correct methods.

Now, when you have complete knowledge of the measures, hope you will face no further health hazards regarding such operations.
Stay healthy.

Regular Beauty Routine For Face And Body

November 18th, 2015 by

One of the regular beauty routine in every woman is hair removal. Hair removal is done to part of their face and body. There are various ways in removing hair from the different parts of your body and face. Every woman wants a smooth skin free of hair on their face and body.

There are different types of ways you can choose to make your skin smooth and free of unwanted hair. From tweezing, threading, shaving, waxing, using a hair removal machine to permanent hair removal. Tweezing is usually done for small patch of hair in face or body. Tweezing is induvial pairs are pulled out by the root with a tweezer. Shaving of hair is done with a razor or electric shaver.

This method allows you to cut down the hair that is very close to the skin. Shaving can be used in any part of the body or face. However many people complain shaving sometimes make the new hair grown rougher or coarser. Which many dermatologists says that it is untrue, it’s just that the tip of unshaven hair is soft and tapered and once the soft tip its cut out that’s what makes it feel coarser. But shaving needs to be done at least once in three days because shaving cuts down the hair but does not stop the growth from the root. So hair continues to grow.

Waxing is another form of hair removal method. It is usually done with sticky wax spread around the skin area where the hair grows. Then with a cloth strip it pressed and covered. Once the wax is dried on to the cloth, the strip is pulled off quickly, removing the hair with them. This method of hair removal also can be done anywhere on the body or face. Tweezing and waxing makes the hair growth slower.

Permanent hair removal is also a way in which hair can be removed permanently. This method is done through a medical procedure using laser. Laser hair removal method removes unwanted hair permanently from the face or body.

Laser hair removal treatment removes hair even the dark coarse hair. Laser hair removal treatment does not damage the skin. The laser beam passes through the skin to the individual hair follicle; intense heat of the laser damages the hair follicle which prevents future hair growth. An Important thing to remember, when doing laser hair removal is to always check if the doctor or specialist doing the laser procedure is a trained, experience professional with good credential before you decide to do this treatment.

4 Creative Spa Treatments For You

October 22nd, 2015 by

Some people may like traditional spa treatments like the Swedish massage and sauna baths. Some treatment centers offer clients unusual treatment like crystals and light to help with harmony and balance. Most spas offer sessions that help reduce stress and help clients relax. If you are considering an interesting experience look for treatments that are out of the box:

Thermal pools
Thermal pools or baths are great as they are hot bodies of water which contain healing elements for the body. Most springs are great to relax in and if you are looking for one head down to Tuscany which offers tourists and spa enthusiasts wellness treatments in the countryside. There are many thermal pools for you to consider when you get there. There are around 80 rooms with many indoor and outdoor pools. You can buy day passes too if you are simply visiting. You can try order some thermal water to drink for a price too!

Interesting fish spas
Fish spas are great and they have grown rapidly over a period of 10 years especially in Thailand and Japan. The treatment starts off by putting your feet into a tub which is full of tiny doctor fish that nibble at the dead skin and make your feet smooth as possible. If you are ready to take the plunge and try this out head over to a spa at Cancun which offers many day spa packages at an affordable price. In some parts of the world these spas are banned as they are known for spreading infection. Be careful about the spas you choose!

Mud baths
A mud bath is a combination of water from a hot spring and volcanic ash. These mud baths have been used in many treatments around the world to reduce muscle swelling and minimize on psoriasis. Some of the most famous baths are close to the Dead Sea. You can try a mudding experience by soaking in a tub filled with mud and mineral water. After the soak is over you can lie down on the vibrating chair! Generally, a 60 minute session will cost you around $110.

A Mayan steam bath
This is no ordinary steam bath as it involves a temazcal. A temazcal is used for spiritual purposes and is used in many hotels too. It works by pouring water and herbs over the stones to allow the steam to build up inside the hut. It ends with a cleansing ritual near one of the 13 statues. If you considering day spa packages find a place which will offer a Mayan steam bath. Look for one on the net and on Pin Interest too!

Remember to consider interesting spa treatments if you have the money to spend!

How To Be Beautiful Faster?

September 23rd, 2015 by

Do you want to enhance your beauty? Do you have any flaw that you want to cover up and be more attractive? We are human and it is common that we have some flaws or imperfections. But that does not mean we are not beautiful. Beauty is a term that is not easy to describe – they say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and this is true. But still in this modern age of fashion conscious population, we need to be aware of our imperfections and should work on the same. 

Thanks to the invention of different types of beauty treatments as well as beauty products, now being beautiful is an easy matter. You can make use of different types of makeups or even go for several types of beauty enhancement procedures, like eyelash extensions without spending huge amount of money and enhance your beauty.

However, despite of going for such beauty enhancing treatments, like eyelash extensions in Ringwood it is needed that you should take care of other aspects too which are related with your look and appearance. Here are some tips discussed that will help you to be beautiful faster and without spending lots of money on cosmetic surgeries or other stuff.

4 tips to be beautiful faster

Love yourself – The first factor that you need to focus on is to love yourself. When you start loving yourself, you will start taking care of yourself in a better way. You will concentrate on those factors that are necessary for you to stay healthy.

Live in a healthy state of mind- A healthy mind is the gateway to have a healthy body. If you are always depressed or down, angry or feeling monotonous, then you will start suffering from many types of health issues that will not only affect your overall health, but will also mar your fresh and beautiful look. Hence you need to stay always in a cheerful mood and try to not get into depressive thoughts.

Eat healthy – You need to eat healthy foods. And for that you need to get rid of all types of bad habits of indulging in too much fast foods, oily foods, smoking as well as drinking alcoholic and artificial sweeteners. You should make sure that you are including fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, fish, meat as well as milk in your diet. If you are allergic to any types of foods or if you are a vegan, you should then make a diet chart from any reputed dietician and focus on the chart.

Sleep well- You should sleep well. Sleep is the process that helps us to get refreshed and energetic. It also helps us to stay away from diseases.

Find A Reliable Wedding Hairstylist

September 3rd, 2015 by

Hair style which you will have at your wedding will be one of the most important parts of your look therefore you should give special importance to it. No matter whether your hairs are polished, trendy or anything else, it always sends out a message about your fashion sense and the fashion trend which you are following. It is of great importance to find the right person to take care of your hairstyle and hair at your wedding day. For sure you won’t like to do your hair or trust an amateur to handle this important task. If you are finding the task of locating a good and experienced hairstylist difficult then you should consider reading this article in order to know about some important tips which can help you in your search of a great hairstylist.

It is true that there are many women who already have their trusted hairstylist, but there are many women who don’t have similar kind of relationship and trust with any particular salon or stylist. No matter whatever the situation is, you should always consider using the help of an experienced and reputed hairstylist. For sure you won’t like to land in any awkward and embarrassing situation because of bad hairstyle.

The best way by which you can start your search for finding the best hairstylist is by asking around. If are looking forward to recommendations then you should consider going on the word of mouth. You should know this fact that hair styling is completely different then coloring and cutting hair. Different hairstylist has different specialties, and this is the reason because of which it is suggested that one should consider deciding which kind of hair style he or she wants.

For wedding, you should not select any hairstylist but you should select a great wedding, hairstylist. So you should consider asking for the recommendation from your family members, friends, and wedding vendor to know about a great loreal hairdresser. After collecting the recommendations, next step you will have to take will be contacting them and discussing the result which you expect and also about their service charge. There are many important questions which you will have to ask the hairstylist to know if the hairstylist whom you have selected can help you in achieving the required result or not.

If you are in need of hiring the services of the whole salon with enough manpower to style the entire bridal party hair then you should check if the salon or hairstylists whom you have selected can handle the required task at hand efficiently or not.

How To Enjoy A Good Health?

August 28th, 2015 by

A good health is a common demand of everyone. They spend good amount of money for maintenance of their health and keep their younger look intact forever. Yes, you can enjoy your good health for long if you are aware of some factors that are related with a healthy state of mind and body. Here we are giving you the best tips to keep your younger look forever along with your hair growth. Have a look at these tips for female hair loss treatment.

1.    Kick out stress: This is the reason of every hazard in your physical health. Kick out stress and stay healthy. Meditation procedures will help you in reducing your stress.
2.    Treat your hair: Your hair can never take care of itself. Therefore if you are willing to be an owner of good amount of hair on your head, you need to take care of them. The follicles of hair require treatments. Oil your hair regularly and wash them off from dirt and impurities. If you are losing your hair, go through a hair loss treatment Brisbane. This will keep you look beautiful always.
3.    Take care of your skin: Like hair loss treatment, your skin needs other dermatological treatments if they are showing up the aging signs. You can have the natural treatments like homemade face packs, creams, anti-wrinkle injections and many more. Your skin will look glowing and glamorous even in your forties when you have these treatments. Regular moisturizing is important to keep your aging process come later.
4.    Drink water: Water has its own magic to keep your body hydrated. The dehydration causes aging soon and premature aging makes you look older than your actual skin age. Water can never be substituted by alcohol or any other drink. So keep drinking good amount of water.   
5.    Eat fresh: Fresh fruits and vegetables are always helpful in making you look beautiful. The strawberries, papaya, banana, pineapple, orange and many other fruits are there which help you in being younger since long. Add the fresh fruits in your breakfast and milk is always preferable for your soft skin.
6.    Sleep for regular hours: Sleeping for at least seven hours a day is very much important. You need to be more careful about the sleeping hours if your working schedule keeps you awake at night. The constant sleepless nights will make you look older soon. The puffed eyes with dark circles and your tiring look will never be appreciated by others. So let your skin have rest during your sleep.
7.    Have exercise: Regular exercise boosts up your energy and you will be able to have your blood circulation go properly.

Best Manicure-Pedicure Services In Australia

July 27th, 2015 by

Whether you are a native Australian or a foreign tourist here- South Morang at Melbourne always welcomes you with its stunning pedicure-manicure spas. But to select the best one for you, you need to do some homework and get your acts right. The following tips will give you a fair idea about what needs to be done. After all, a refreshing body spa or a massage therapy is a boon in our hectic schedule. But do not get duped easily; act smart, and pamper yourself perfectly within your budget:

Do some online research:
Doing some online research is mandatory before you pick up the best cheap nail salon in Melbourne. A simple Google search will give you the results containing many names. Go through their official sites and check out the services offered. The testimonials of ex-clients are also important sources to know more about the salons. Online consumer review forums are other means for information.

Communicate with the beauticians properly:
If you have chosen a particular nail salon in South Morang after much thought and ground work, then in order to get value-for-money services, talk to the technicians. In many parlors at South Morang, technicians from Asian countries are employed but don’t hesitate by thinking whether they will understand your queries or not. A good parlor will always train its personnel with proper English speaking skills so communicate freely and ask all your concerns. The foremost among them should be-

•    Whether the tools are sterilized.
•    What type of solutions are used to sterilize them.
•    How they ensure whether the clients have any infections (viral/fungal/bacterial) on the bodies.

Check out the cleanliness of the workstation
Checking out the cleanliness of the workstation is another crucial aspect. The few red flags are- the dirty floor has nail clippings scattered here and there or a strong odor that has attacked your nostrils since you have entered through the door. These have to be the first signs which must put you off from seeking out further services. Apart from that, check out carefully whether the technicians wear gloves while performing the pedicure manicure tasks for the clients. A smelly, stinking toilet is another warning sign indicating what you are going to receive may hamper your skin.

Know the price rates and compare them beforehand!
Knowing the price of each separate service of acrylic nails in Melbourne is an absolute necessity for any potential customer. There are few spas who charge hidden costs to the customers and they are only to be revealed in the final bills. To never face this trick, all you need to do is to be clear about for which service you are paying what. Will the spa charge you extra if you have chipped nails? Is the nail coat free?

Hello world!

June 18th, 2015 by

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